Strategic Planning

Though the intricacies of strategic planning may appear formidable when considering the process as a whole, it is – in essence – a logical compilation of smaller processes that ask basic questions such as “What are our goals?” and “What resources do we have to achieve those goals?” Organization is critical to strategic planning as it involves creativity, delegation, execution, and oversight. Strategic planning is an effective barometer that can measure the general productiveness and creative prowess of an organization.

Strategic planning, however, isn’t a hard science. Creating a vision from separate pieces of information and research requires a style of critical thinking that embraces a creative understanding of the human experience. Though strategic planning involves almost mathematical precision when it comes to execution and managing every nuance of performance, allowing room for adjustments is key. Sometimes the best ideas arise from a more informed understanding of the goals only attained through the execution. Strong strategic planners are able to incorporate information – which can be dynamic, much like public opinion – into actions that achieve predetermined objectives.

Factory 360 understands that strategic planning is a process where individuals with specific responsibilities become a comprehensive, unified company of collective strengths and talents. The Factory 360 team relies on strong creative minds to identify trends and consumer behaviors, as those insights are translated into experiential marketing strategies that serve a client’s particular objectives.

At Factory 360 communication is everything – which means every level and mechanism of strategic planning must be clearly communicated to everyone involved at every stage of the process. The seamless distribution of information and execution of responsibilities reflects a the chemistry and mutual respect Factory 360 team members hold for one another; trust, after all, is paramount in forming and implementing a creative strategy. Strategic planning meetings at Factory 360 are creative and lively experiences where our skilled and talented professionals personally look forward to contributing to an intelligent and insightful vision that fulfills the client’s goals.

Strategic Planning: Vita Coco

Vita Coco approached Factory 360 with the goal of engaging gay consumers in the New York City metropolitan area. This demographic represented a lucrative segment of consumers for Vita Coco’s fashionable brand and healthy products.

Factory 360 held strategic planning meetings that analyzed and addressed Vita Coco’s various objectives and concerns – from how to engage this highly desirable affluent market to challenging Zico, a competitor of Vita Coco that had established major distribution channels in New York City’s trendy gay neighborhoods.

In particular, Vita Coco wanted to appeal to gay consumers who were body conscious, fashion forward, and not price sensitive. The Factory 360 team developed a strategic plan that proposed a clear objective supported by strategies that comprised a powerful vision. Factory 360 suggested reaching affluent members of New York City’s gay community through activations at Fire Island Pines in New York, an area that many in the targeted demographic consider their summer playground.

Factory 360 created and implemented an aggressive plan to promote the Vita Coco brand and drive samplings by incentivizing consumers to purchase a case of Coco Vita through special offers, such as receiving a free beach bag with their purchase. In addition to the retail and sampling component, Factory 360 advised Vita Coco to “seed” prominent members of the community with complimentary Vita Coco cases for their houses during key weekends.

Factory 360’s strategic planning effort sold more than 250 cases of Vita Coco on Fire Island and significantly increased sales throughout Manhattan. The effort also resulted in the distribution of more than 5 thousand samples, and garnered 25 thousand unique impressions across a spectrum of media properties.

Call Factory 360 For Your Strategic Planning Needs

Factory 360 views strategic planning as the meticulous integration of individual talents and skills, exercised on many levels through an intelligent, focused vision. Strategic planning begins with clear objectives and ends when those objectives are achieved. At Factory 360 this analysis, insight and execution inspires not only the work we do, but also the people with whom we work. Clients who seek strategic planning partnerships that leverage the collective creativity and talents of proven industry professionals should contact Factory 360 with their most ambitious objectives and visions for the future.