Spectrum Reach

Neighborhood Truck Tour

A mobile truck tour amplifying Spectrums focus on connecting communities and supporting small businesses.

Mobile Tour

Environmental Design
Microsite Design
Tour Production

The Ask

Create a mobile experience that amplifies the Connecting Communities campaign while providing resources and guidance for local small businesses. Keep the focus on supporting communities through local initiatives and partnerships.

The Experience

The Experience

Our strategy was to design a dynamic mobile experience for Field Marketing and Sales teams to engage and educate prospects, clients, and local small businesses.

We built a Spectrum Reach “Neighborhood” with all the tropes that communities love including a town hall, post office, food market, and photo studio. Each station curated information on a local level to support businesses across all functions including marketing, legal, networking and creative.


13 Independent & Minority-Owned Brands
7195 Total Shoppers
25% QR Code to Purchase Conversion Rate