Santa Margherita

Follow The Vine

Activation, environmental and digital design for Italian winemaker brand, Santa Margherita’s experiential campaign, “Follow The Vine” across 10 US markets.

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The Ask

Santa Margherita weren’t getting brand recall and consistent purchasing consideration from their target audience of affluent, higher-educated females across the United States.

The Experience

The Experience

We created Follow The Vine, an experience that first stimulated dopamine—to strengthen memory creation—then immersed visitors in the Santa Margherita brand story and a wine tasting. This would maximize information retention while showcasing the brand’s premium, yet entertaining brand personality.

An email and social campaign attracted our audience in tier-two cities across America, to stand out in less crowded markets. At the experience, a maze of grapevines had guests looking around every corner to discover surprise Santa Margherita cocktails and food pairings.

When making it to the end of the maze, a dome theatre immersed our audience in a beautiful and spectacular rendition of the brand story. At the conclusion of the content, guests were given a tasting of Santa Margherita’s four varietals, to give context to what they experienced in the dome content.


3,587,967 Impressions
23,759 Samples distributed
6,138 Attendees
10,805 RSVP’s
3,278 Requested future mail
24,468 Website visitors