2022 SRE Con

A bold and colorful lenticular conference booth at SREcon in Amsterdam, fostering brand interaction and product education.


Environmental Design



The Ask

Design Jeli’s first ever custom booth at the SREcon in Amsterdam & Sydney, showcasing Jeli as a leader in incident analysis, while highlighting the playful brand tone of voice among conference attendees.

The Experience

The Experience

This booth stood out among them all with its prime location at the SREcon in Amsterdam, with a lenticular wall that revealed various messages from various vantage points. The function of the space was to showcase Jeli’s products and merchandise. We encouraged brand interaction through problem-solving riddles that represented what Jeli does. The one who solved the riddle became an honorary Jeli bean by winning bean-shaped headphones. All participants received a vibrant-colored notebook, matching pen, and a branded wire holder for their desks.