Feeding Frenzy Houston

A food-centric gamer lounge for the LCS Spring Finals, complete with League of Legends photo opps, gamer swag, and themed arcade favorites.


Environmental Design
Experiential Concepting

The Ask

Create a gamer-friendly experience at Feeding Frenzy delivered by Grubhub for the League of Legends Spring Finals.

The Experience

The Experience

For the Spring Finals 2022, we worked with Grubhub to bring to life an eye catching and engaging experience for gamers and League of Legends fans, taking place at NRG Stadium in Houston.

Our Grubhub lounge welcomed guests in, complete with a custom claw machine giving fans a chance to win one of many gamer prizes, a pop-a-shot basketball game foodie-fied into Pop-A-Bite.

Our lounge was decked out with foodie seating pods and League of Legends messaging to connect with gamers. Our League of Legends pizza box throne made fans the hero of the game, where they could capture their favorite virtual world alongside food-inspired weapons including a cheeseburger flail, a spaghetti bow & arrow, and pizza shield.


24k League of Legends Gamers
408,621 Total Virtual Streams on YouTube/Twitch
5,758 New App Downloads