22 + 23 Podcast Studio

For two consecutive years at AWS re:Invent, the Future Frequencies podcast studio, has showcased as a creative space for innovative voices to unite and engage with audiences about cloud technologies.


Content Production

Environmental Design

Experiential Production

Technology Management

Microsite Design and Management

The Ask

Design an immersive podcast studio at AWS re:Invent, infused with the innovation of AWS technology. Entice and captivate attendees, creating a space for connection, engagement, and rejuvenation. Complement the experience with a visually compelling photo gallery, educating participants on the practical applications of AWS technologies.

The Experience

The Experience

We transformed a shipping container into a dynamic podcast studio, immersing guests in an environment where they could listen and envision the future of AWS technologies.

Within the studio, bold layered lighting and neon-hued circular lights, inspired by AWS's color palette, created a visually striking space. An eye-catching AWS infinity mirror sign added intrigue, while vibrant decor aligned with each year's theme, serving as the perfect backdrop.

Beyond the studio, attendees were provided with headphones to enjoy podcast sessions through connected speakers. A dedicated lounge area allowed speakers to prepare, and at re:Invent 22, a custom gallery showcased impactful cloud technology stories through double-sided structures featuring monochromatic photography. At re:Invent 23, we introduced a touch screen for attendees to access the full week's schedule along with a ticker screen that informed attendees walking by who was in the booth and what topic they were discussing.



  • 25+ individual podcasts recorded in the studio
  • 45 episodes recorded 
  • 14 hours of audio recorded
  • 8 hours of video recorded
  • Over 20k average views per episode


  • 42 Podcast Sessions
  • 31.5 Hours of recording 
  • 44+ Guests