2022 Smart Con

An interactive and bold space at SmartCon 2022’ for guests to explore demos showcasing Chainlink’s technologies and innovations that are pushing boundaries in web3.



Experiential Concepting

Environmental Design

Production & Logistics

The Ask

Showcase Chainlink as innovators and leaders within the web3 space through a boundary-pushing footprint at SmartCon 22’ that would showcase all the products and resources Chainlink has to offer the the blockchain community.

The Experience

The Experience

Powered by Chainlink, SmartCon is a two day tech conference focused on unlocking real value in Web3. Several thousand attendees ranging from developers to enthusiasts and clients come from all over the world to network, learn, hear about product launches, and get inspired.

Attendees entered the main hall and descended into our hex pathway; these three overarching structures framed the space for a must-have photo opp from multiple angles as well as the staircase above.

Inside the Chainlink Labs footprint, attendees were able to deep dive into various products. Content was broken down for all levels of learning at the four demo tables with designated experts to show off cool new use cases and answer questions. Under the glowing arch structures, people gathered at two large networking tables equipped with ample charging ports and a screen for additional presentations.