2019 Partner Summit

Experiential activation, production management, and environmental design for Vrbo’s annual educational conference, Partner Summit, at Scottsdale, AZ.


Environmental Design
Graphic Design
Tour Management

The Ask

Our second year of creating the Vrbo Partner Summit—where all their top property owners come to learn and collaborate—was held in Scottsdale, AZ. We fused together the incredible western surroundings and the future-focused subject matter of the conference to create our Electric Cowboy theme.

The Experience

The Experience

Using materials that are visually associated with technology and perceptions of the future, we developed an art direction that brought tech and western culture together.

Three stages designs represented three western landscapes. But we built them from edge-lit acrylic to visually capture Vrbo’s dedication to innovation.

The opening reception was set in a western town, with dressings made from light, a photobooth, electronic music and a fireworks display.


600 Attendees
Sold Out Conference