Investor Day

An inspiring showcase of interior trends, featuring shoppable vignettes and personalized travel flair, concluding with a deep dive into Pinterest's impact on the future of it's social platforms.


Event Production

Brand Identity Graphic Design



The Ask

Pinterest was looking to concept and develop an engaging experience for investors & analysts to absorb Pinterest’s roadmap and innovations. Inspiring & approachable, with a tonality that lands with investors, who may or may not use Pinterest themselves.

The Experience

The Experience

Pinterest hosted their first ever Investor Day, showcasing their ongoing momentum, platform growth and newest features. Upon arrival, investors were greeted with personalized name badges and Pinterest takeaways. As they stepped into the lobby area, investors were transported into an in-person Pinterest board.

Vignette lounges, all with shoppable items through pinterest’s newest feature, were curated to depict the latest interior design trend ‘Maximalism’ to foster inspiration. Whether investors were Eclectic, Funky, Adventure bugs, or Earthy Maximalists, they got to unwind and think beyond their suits. To create a through line of inspiration, the breakfast, lunch and snacks all had QR codes to scan for a Pinterest board of recipes and culinary inspirations.

To merge Pinterest’s DIY culture and investor’s busy travel schedules, a monogramming station provided personalized luggage tags for their future travels– setting the stage for a series of engaging and future-forward presentations, reminding them that with Pinterest, it’s possible.