An interactive space for guests to have one-on-one demos showcasing the future of technology through the Metaverse.



Environmental Design



Technology Management

The Ask

Create a vibrant footprint at ADCOLOR for guests to playfully engage with all that Meta has to offer, from frontier-pushing technologies to a vast creative network. Drawing attendees to explore and feel inspired by Meta’s role as a thought leader and opportunity center in the industry.

The Experience

The Experience

The annual AdColor conference is a motivating experience packed with well-curated panels, incredible speakers on diversity, equity and inclusion, hands-on workshops and one-of-a-kind events. We designed a future forward, illuminated footprint for visitors to connect with representatives from Meta and a diverse group of digital creators. In between influential programs and awards, guests were able to get a more personal experience with the Meta brand.

Framed by a glowing portal, guests were able to unlock AR poster artwork that came to life through the screen.

Using the Meta Quest VR headsets, guests could also experience and explore virtual reality in the the NOPE Horizon World.


1,300 attendees
250+ guest interactions with Quest 2 Headset  experience in the Metaverse with NOPE Horizon Worlds
150+ ‘Still Rising Together’ AR Posters distributed
8.6k impressions for AR Instagram Filter
711 opens, 300 captures for AR Instagram Filter