2023 Spark

A product-launch event unveiling LivePerson’s latest virtual innovations through AI expert demos and conversational date workshops.


Event Production

Event Design



The Ask

Design and produce brand solutions for the LivePerson Spark 2023 one-day conference, including aiding in registration, stage and booth design, and establishing wayfinding elements throughout the event.

The Experience

The Experience

Factory360 meticulously curated a branded event space for a one-day conference, ensuring a vibrant and consistent brand color story permeated the entire environment. From the moment attendees arrived, they were immersed in a definitive brand identity that seamlessly extended across all facets of the space.

The custom-designed stage not only hosted compelling presentations but also served as a canvas for showcasing the brand's identity through careful consideration of shape, color, and balance. Interactive booth displays and individually designed lounge areas provided opportunities for exploration, complemented by clear and cohesive brand messaging.

Every corner of the space reflected Live Person's branding, including vibrant florals, breakout rooms, well-designed wayfinding, and strategically placed LED light rods. Factory360's expanded design system and curated styling transformed the conference space into a dynamic and visually stunning landscape, ensuring a captivating and informative experience for all attendees.