Common Ground

Stand Together

Strategy, design, fabrication, production, and mobile tour management of the Common Ground immigration awareness and educational tour around key markets in the US.


Digital Design
Environmental Design
Graphic Design
Tour Management

The Ask

The national debate around immigration is a divisive one. But most Americans don’t realize that we agree on much more about the subject than we disagree on. We worked with Stand Together to create an experience that shows people how America benefits from immigration, and to generate constructive discussion about it.

The Experience

The Experience

We built twelve free-standing doors with screens behind them showing video content that illustrated many positive aspects of the immigration issue: security, economy, community, health, etc.

The doors were both a metaphor and a psychological nudge for people to open themselves up to the information they were about to see. We added free food trucks (serving immigrant food) to the experience, for people to share a meal together.

Equipped with the knowledge from our door video content, they would feel encouraged to have a constructive, informed and positive discussion around immigration.


Program is ongoing