Instagram @shop Pop-Up


Instagram is the ideal place for businesses to connect with a vibrant community of shoppers. Factory360 was tasked with bringing that vibrancy to life with an IRL @shop pop-up featuring a curated selection of goods from 13 independent brands.


As guests entered the prismatic archways into the Instagram @shop Pop-Up, they were surprised with carefully curated and design-forward displayed crafted specifically for each of the 13 diverse  brands. Like each of the product’s brand stories, each display was truly unique.

Guests were invited to purchase Instagram exclusive items just how they would on the platform. Upon scanning the gradient QR code, guests purchase on the IG platform and have their new goods shipped directly to their house. Each purchase was rewarded with a Boy Smells candle & sticker pack, and on the way out, Baonanas served delicious ice cold banana pudding push pops.


13 Independent & Minority-Owned Brands
7195 Total Shoppers
25% QR Code to Purchase Conversion Rate




League of Legends Championship Series