Small Business Studios

A pop-up tour providing programming, creative resources, and one-on-one support to small businesses in 5 cities across the country.


Environmental Design
Graphic Design
Experiential Production

The Ask

Build a one-stop, interactive pop-up experience for small businesses to get support and creative tools from Meta. As well as appealing to a range of businesses with the goal of demonstrating that Meta drives economic opportunity in local communities.

The Experience

The Experience

Factory360 brought the Meta Boost brand to life with a 5-city US tour that provides tools and resources to local small businesses.  We designed and produced outlets for programming that offers 1:1 technical support, creative workshops, live demos, and guest speakers.

The Meta Boost SBS helps small businesses not only survive, but thrive by giving them the tools they need to connect with consumers both IRL and URL. Activations included the  Reels School in Action space, where guests were taught how to make Instagram Reels to build content and a Metaverse space allowing  visitors to explore the Meta Quest 2, Ray Ban Stories, and the Meta Portal. 

From stop to stop we tapped into local vendors and businesses to further push the goal of helping these communities with networking opportunities for guests, localized giveaways, etc.


Program still in progress