Wear Your World

Showcasing the brand’s new collection of UT graphic t-shirts. The campaign included both street teams and outdoor city activations in four markets: LA, SF, NYC, and Boston.


Graphic Design
Mobile Tours
PR Stunts

The Ask

Using the criteria requested by the client, which included creating a footprint that fit into the urban landscape of each market, Factory360 built an installation that displayed the graphic t-shirts like artwork, while at the same time creating a block party feel with multiple touchpoints for consumers.

The Experience

The Experience

In the first phase of the campaign, we deployed street teams on the weekends leading up to our City Activation events. The street teams distributed promotional clothespins and scratch-off cards to develop brand presence in each city.

The second phase of the campaign consisted of our #WearYourWorld Block Parties in LA, SF, and NYC that transformed the collection into a visual spectacle, proudly displaying the UT shirts.

We invited passersby to participate in a variety of activities and photo opportunities. Participating consumers were also entered to win a free trip to Tokyo, which was great for data capture.


3,587,967 Impressions
23,759 Samples distributed
6,138 Attendees
10,805 RSVP’s
3,278 Requested future mail
24,468 Website visitors