National Ice Cream Tour

A National Ice Cream Day takeover, sampling dairy-free Oatly frozen dessert bars across three different cities in revamped independent ice cream trucks.


Event Production
Mobile Vehicle Management

The Ask

Spread awareness of Oatly’s new non-dairy frozen dessert bars by distributing the bars for free to local communities across existing ice cream truck routes. 

The Experience

The Experience

On National Ice Cream Day, we took over 25 independently-owned ice cream trucks in New York, Los Angeles, and St. Louis. The trucks followed their traditional routes and surprised folks along the way with free Oatly bars.

We branded the trucks with decals of the product packaging for easy in-store recognition, and handed out recycled fiber napkins with QR codes that linked to where to Buy.


16,500+ bars sampled
9 pieces of national press coverage (with 22 additional syndications), plus 4 pieces of local coverage in NYC and STL
7 features on Instagram accounts with 10,000+ followers