College Programs

When most people look back on their lives and discuss where and how they met their best friends, their husbands and wives, and discovered their passions in life, they talk about their early 20s. Those are the years that turn young men and women into adults. It’s a time in life when people form allegiances that last a lifetime – both with people and brands. Chances are you’ve been eating the same brand of tortilla chips from your most memorable college football tailgate. That’s just how life works, because that’s how people work. And that’s how sophisticated brands work too.

Factory 360 offers a comprehensive and strategic array of insights into college programing. Today’s university students are technically savvy and quick to reject brands that make unauthentic attempts at engagement. At Factory 360 many of our team members are Millennials who understands that college programs must offer value, which many students view as a complex blend of substance, utility, and innovation.


When AT&T wanted to introduce the Palm Centro to college students across the country, they knew they had to connect with a more sophisticated demographic that had spent a young lifetime of being targeted by data-driven marketing strategies.

Brands are born from ideas, and ideas that resonate with consumers have some element of soul. So we decided to team up with the popular mtvU Campus Invasion Concert Tour and a synergy was born that offered a unique mix of progressive technology, soulful art, and brand awareness.

During the stressful weeks leading up to final exams, when students needed a healthy distraction to alleviate the pressures of academics, we showcased the modern capabilities of the Palm Centro within the context of the influential mtvU music tour at 15 colleges and universities across America. Our brand ambassadors were stationed at high-traffic locations throughout the concert experience. The effort, coupled with AT&T rebates and MTV-sponsored sweepstakes and contests, resulted in more than 1,000 interactions per concert where college students spent quality time with the product and brand ambassadors. That interest translated into significant spikes in sales of the Palm Centro at nearby retailers and increased brand awareness across social media.


Lionsgate Pictures came to us with a unique challenge: promote the Saw film franchise through an approach that garners goodwill and shuns messaging that references violence or horror. So we decided to create a cause-marketing overlay that incorporated a philanthropic objective. The resulting cross-country blood drive not only increased ticket sales and brand awareness for the Saw franchise but also probably saved lives. More than 10,000 college and university students donated blood at 50 campuses across the United States.

Fully integrating the Saw film aesthetic, brand ambassadors dressed as nurses helped students register for the blood drives and schedule appointments. We coordinated with school administrations and student organizations that sponsored competitions and contests for the most successful blood drive on their respective campuses. Brand ambassadors also handed out branded premiums at the blood drives to strengthen the connection between the participants and the storied horror film franchise.


Factory 360 understands the longstanding traditions and values that live on through students and alumni and why the most effective college programs synergize brand promise and vision with the energy of students.