Experiential Marketing with a Mobile App Photo Booth – FactorySnap

Bottom line – they’re fun… for the consumer.

On the client side, these photo booths are expensive to ship. It can be a hassle to get the photos to consumers in a timely manner. The traditional photo booths have only a tiny (possibly no) ROI.

At Factory 360, we got tired of seeing the same photo activations at events and wanted more options for our experiential marketing clients.

So, we BUILT IT.

Welcome to FactorySnap!

Our unique mobile application offers clients the ability to have multiple photos uploaded to the same place while giving the activation digital legs to turn your consumers into influencers.


  • Customized Data Form:

After snapping the photo, consumers fill out a customizable data form to almost immediately receive an email with a link to their photo. This offers each client the ability to capture unique data based on the event and activation goals.

Are your consumers smokers? How often?
Are they iPhone users or Android?



  • Full Social Implementation:

The photo is emailed to the consumer in the form of a link. When they click that link, it brings them into the FactorySnap environment. Automatically, they are given the option to share the image through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or email it to themselves.

When the photo is shared through any of these channels, our client’s messaging populates for consistency. Best of all, every shared image is linked back to a FactorySnap Facebook tab on the brand’s Facebook profile. This enables the shared pictures from your event to be also amplified through your brand’s page.

NJOY Facebook Page


  • Customized Branding & Watermark:

Each brand has a unique look and feel. We want your consumers to feel they are immersed with your brand experience from start to finish. Therefore, we have made the interface completely customizable to give the brand look and feel when consumers are interfacing with the application.

Additionally, all imagery generated can be watermarked with your branding.

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 5.46.43 PM


  • Track and Measure Consumer Social Behavior:

We are a company built on proving the success of our activations. Every aspect of your event should have a return. Therefore, we built analytics into the back end of FactorySnap to track the images, measure the virality, and break down these analytics on each image to identify your most highly engaged consumers.

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 5.36.17 PM


  • Generate Qualified Consumer Leads:

With our customized data capture, clients are able to collect specific information to generate qualified leads. These could be names, email, phone number, physical address, multiple choice or open ended questions.


“Using FactorySnap during our Fashion Week activation last year helped to curate the most engaging photos from a large area in one place while identifying our most socially active clients. It is simple to use, I cannot imagine producing another event without FactorySnap!"

- Todd Bellucci, NJOY Electronic Cigarettes

There you go… a NEW photo booth that’s nimble, analytically robust, and gives your campaign the opportunity to go viral!

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