The Brake Room

An inviting & warm pop-up space exclusively for NYC delivery workers to rest and refuel during the cold winter months.

Food & Beverage

Environmental Design


Venue Scouting

Production & Logistics

The Ask

Transform an empty storefront into an inclusive space for all delivery drivers in NYC to feel appreciated, welcomed, and allow them to rest and refuel between their deliveries.

The Experience

The Experience

The food delivery industry has skyrocketed, and delivery drivers have been left underappreciated. There are hundreds of empty storefronts around New York, and delivery workers are forced to remain outside even in poor weather conditions. So juxtaposed against a city that can be intense, loud, and intimidating we created a warm-hearted friendly atmosphere that encourages the delivery community to dock their bikes, take a break, use the restroom, and recharge their phones during the cold months of NYC winter.

We brought in cozy furniture and provided ample seating for workers to catch a break. Dining areas were available to enjoy brought lunch and provided hot coffee & lattes.


1st ever free rest stop for delivery workers

4,594 times guests visited The Brake Room

156 guests peak daily attendance

~60 minutes average time spent inside

>50 press mentions & 99.7% positive media or neutral response

740mm impressions