re:Invent Watch Parties

A global 3-day live streamed event filled with fun activities, local food, epic prizes and innovative keynotes.


Event Design

Event Production

Graphic Design


The Ask

AWS asked us to create an in-office watch party, across four locations, centered around the live streamed keynotes from re: Invent Las Vegas, filled with interactive activities along with food and beverage.

The Experience

The Experience

We touched down in Arlington, Seattle, London, and Berlin to bring the excitement of re:Invent into their office. Using a tech-forward approach, interactive activations captivated audiences, setting the stage for the eagerly anticipated live-streamed keynotes from the Las Vegas conference.

Over the course of the 3-day event, global employees indulged in local bites and beverages, complemented by culinary delights inspired by diverse office locations. Rufus the Corgi, Amazon's iconic figure, extended a warm welcome through giveaway pins and stickers. A DJ in Arlington got the vibes started and was holographically beamed to the Seattle office. In London, skilled mixologists crafted unique cocktails, creating an ideal setting for a delightful happy hour. Employees engaged in friendly competition with a branded ping pong table and glimpsed into the future of gaming through our VR-cade, featuring experiences like VR skiing, VR racing, and various gaming pods across offices.

Each day concluded with an AWS raffle, presenting prizes such as bluetooth speakers, purifying water bottles, branded beanies, and more. This celebratory event, characterized by a futuristic ambiance, fostered meaningful connections among employees.


Total agenda scans: 1,518

Overall guest count: 2,545 

Overall raffle entries: 1,527

Overall raffle winners: 302

Over 60% of guests stayed for the entire duration of the keynote