Here Technologies

HERE Directions

An internationally-attended virtual event for HERE Technologies to engage exhibitors, atten-dees, and partners from around the world.


Platform Design & Development
Virtual Event Production

The Ask

HERE needed a virtual events platform for external and internal company events, which ranged from a hundred to a few thousand attendees per event. After a comprehensive diagnosis of their needs, we created a custom events platform.

The Experience

The Experience

For one of the largest mapping technologies in the world, we created a reusable, immersive virtual events platform that allowed HERE to hold multiple events every year.

Exhibitors and attendees from all over the world from various industries and companies were able to host simultaneous live keynotes and seamlessly network during the event.

In addition to hosting events on the platform, all past content was stored and could be accessed at any point, with every metric easily tracked by a comprehensive analytics dashboard.


3,000+ registered
1,600+ attendees
74 different countries represented
20 different keynotes/sessions
30+ speakers
13 exhibitors/sponsors