Garden of Life

Go for the GOL

Experiential launch campaign tour for Garden of Life’s GOL bars. The activation visited Wanderlust and Warrior Dash events. where people could sample these healthy treats.


Environmental Design
Experiential Marketing
Graphic Design

The Ask

Launch Garden of Life’s clean, nutrition bars with an activation space that captures attention and strategically stand out at the event space.

The Experience

The Experience

We targeted the audience most receptive to Garden of Life’s message of science-based, organic, non-GMO nutrition, and analyzed their event attendance to select event partners — Warrior Dash and Wanderlust.

There, we created a customized footprint, with product sampling, giveaways, activities, and information points integrated throughout.


5K+ GOL samples distributed in the first two weekends
Thousands of stickers, tattoos, and seed packets distributed
Overwhelmingly positive audience reactions
Average dwell time just over 5 minutes