Garden of Life

Beauty from Within


We brought to life GoL’s brand philosophy of real, organic ingredients in their products, through the concept of Beauty from Within. The experience was designed to have people see that being beautiful on the inside—consuming GoL products to stay healthy—creates beauty on the outside.


Our space had two halves. One half was was our Beauty From Within experience, where people could move/dance/moonwalk behind our specially designed x-ray machine. But instead of seeing through to their bones, our machine saw real ingredients, like lemons and oranges, flourishing within their silhouette, showing that real ingredients create your beauty from within. The second half was dedicated to the most important part of Beautycon, free samples. We created a craft bar where attendees could design their own CBD balm and give it a customized label. This was alongside traditional sampling of GoL’s collagen products.


6,000 booth interactions
2–5 minute dwell time
28,000 event impressions


Trip to the French Alps