EthDenver ’24

A vibrant EthDenver conference booth that cleverly transported attendees into the great outdoors of Colorado while shining a spotlight on Chainlink technology.


Experiential Marketing

Creative Technology


Creative Concepting


The Ask

Construct a 20x20 space that fuses an immersive camping ambiance with Chainlink's cutting-edge technology.

The Experience

The Experience

Denver’s outdoorsy culture served as the perfect inspiration for crafting a camping-themed experience that showcased Chainlink technology. Leveraging the vibrant and community-driven ethos of ETHDenver, we seized the opportunity to immerse guests in an interactive camping environment, where education and engagement went hand in hand.

From the moment attendees approached the campsite, they were greeted by the rugged charm of the Crypto Survival Gear wall, the inviting warmth of the meeting tent, and the cozy ambiance of the fire pit gathering area. At demo stations and informational screens strategically placed throughout, guests delved deeper into the essence of the brand.

Encouraged to wander and explore, guests embraced the playful camping atmosphere while discovering the innovative features that Chainlink offers. Each step offered an opportunity for education and interaction, ensuring that guests left with a comprehensive understanding of the technology.