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Aaron’s expanded its target markets and sought for more effective ways to broaden its national presence beyond sporting events and into other lifestyle and local events.


After we had executed a successful sports sponsorship program for Aaron’s (NBA, NHL, WWE, UFC), we looked into other ways to broaden their national presence beyond sporting events. We designed an experiential tour that traveled to Hispanic festivals, State Fairs, and Country Music Festivals where we could engage, educate and generate leads with our audience in a high traffic environment. The activation included range of simple interactions, including a claw machine, guess-the-price game, a charging station and a data capture kiosk, so as to maximize our audience engagement. Giveaways were awarded for every sign-up and game winner.


46,209 Leads
12.4M Estimated attendance
3.1M Impressions
733 Average leads per event
76,951 Premiums distributed


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