Why Brands Should Take Advantage of the Summer Months

We’ve been through all of the April showers and we’re starting to truly experience those long awaited and promised May flowers. Tourists are flooding New York (what’s new, right?), college students are returning home, school kids are gearing up for three months worth of vacation, and in general everyone’s in an uplifted type of mood that leaves them open to new adventures and experiences.

In a way, summer brings people’s guards down. Things are slowing down and most people are more relaxed. There are family trips being planned, friends with road trips on the horizon, maybe even a few food, music, and diversity festivals sprinkled within these summer plans. There are open-air markets that are bustling with newfound energy and you don’t have to worry about choosing between grabbing a big, inconvenient jacket and being cold all of the time.

This is where companies shouldn’t hesitate to sweep in. It’s evident that everything is shifting into a lower gear and that’s precisely why businesses should hold steady or even shift into a higher gear. By that I mean that companies should take advantage of the population’s guard being let down; they should invest in experiential marketing.

No one likes being distracted from his or her busy day-to-day routine. Everyone wants to meet deadlines and oftentimes this gets in the way of brand’s efforts to effectively connect with their target audience.

This is where summer and experiential marketing come to the rescue.

Experiential marketing allows brands to achieve large-scale penetration into markets by providing advertising and exposure disguised by fun experiences to consumers. Although this is an important aspect of promotions that should be ongoing at any time of the year, brands should wring out as many leads as possible from events during the summer.

Since people have more time to be somewhat careless with in the summer, they’ll be more willing to devote this time to things such as having fun, relaxing, and simply breaking away from their monotonous daily routines. During summer months, instead of planning hour by hour, people plan by day. For example, people often plan to spend time at festivals, a place where the number one priority is to enjoy their day without necessarily sticking to a strict schedule.

But why is this more relevant now than ever? People always want to spice things up and have fun. But in the summer people are simply more open to experiences. There’s a reason that peak tourism for most cities in the United States occur during the summer. People have time (or they make time) to chase the new experiences that they’ve been waiting to happen.

By creating an event that promises fun, relaxation, and a break from the boring normalcy of everyday life, brands can attract many consumers. Since people aren’t necessarily distracted by their phones buzzing at the rate of hundreds of notifications per hour or their calendar alerting them of a commitment in an hour, they allow brand ambassadors to work their magic.

These people will have the tendency be more attentive as well since they don’t have a million things on their mind. This increases the chances of each individual lead becoming a loyal consumer.

The hot months where no one wants to focus because all anyone can think of is how much they would rather be poolside soaking up the sun with their favorite drink in hand provide a great launch pad for a brand to get ahead. Staying focused and investing in an experimental campaign now instead of pushing it off until the fall months is a smart decision that brands should consider.

Experiential marketers love the summer because it’s an easily moldable season. The summer months bring with them the opportunity for marketers to show off their creativity in different ways. The weather is nice, which means that events can be held outside, knocking down another barrier to consider during the brainstorming phase of a campaign. If you’ve ever tried to come up with an idea for anything, then you’ll understand why having fewer restrictions is a positive thing for a creative campaign.

So hop into the summer music festival scene, set up a pop-up store in the middle of a saturated area, coordinate a never-before seen event, or simply come up with a clever PR stunt. Whatever your brand’s summer goal may be, there’s most likely an experiential marketing tactic that can help the brand achieve it.