What Goes Into an Unbeatable User Experience?

 With so many people considering your brand, how do you create the ideal user experience? What are the key factors to consider?

Fine Tune Your Information and Brand’s Message

Whether you’re working on your social media campaign or building a website, you must consider the user experience. This means having your information fine-tuned to achieve these goals.

  1. It’s Accessible – It has to be accessible to all. You could have consumers with hearing disabilities who need closed-captioning on any videos you post. If you have users with color-blindness, a green and red design will be difficult for them to see. People with social anxiety may struggle to contact you if you only offer phone support.
  1. It’s Credible – Is your message trustworthy? If they don’t believe your message or product, the user experience goes downhill. For example, suppose your brand promises exceptional customer service, but a customer emails the team and never gets a response. Your brand’s message is lost to false promises.
  1. It’s Desirable – How appealing are your brand’s design and identity? Ensure that you’re branding is attractive to every user. If your branding is unappealing or confusing, you may send consumers to the competition. Make your brand’s design and identity clear and emotionally appealing.
  1. It’s Easy to Find – Make sure people can find your brand. If they’re online and search for your product, do they have to browse through pages and pages before your site is visible? How about your app, if you have one? Make sure that people haven’t created pages on social media that appear before your brand’s page if they search it.
  1. It’s Easy to Use – Once they’re on your site or app, make sure it’s easy to use. If there are buttons that lead to errors or the site doesn’t load correctly, it’s going to create a pain point that drives consumers away.
  1. It’s Useful – Is your brand offering the same message or product that dozens of other companies offer? If it’s not unique, why should the user care? You have to make sure your product, brand, or service is unique in some way.

Create Experiences Over Presentations or Talks

Six out of ten consumers read Google reviews before making a purchase. You need to get positive reviews, and that doesn’t mean faking those reviews. Get honest reviews, and do that through memorable experiences that your brand creates.

You could present your product or brand’s message to consumers. That’s kind of a tell rather than show approach. Why not create an experience that shows exactly why your brand is the best?

How do you create an experience? The best way is to create an emotional bond. You could tell stories that consumers relate to and feel the need to share their similar experiences. A product demonstration that allows consumers to interact with your brand’s another good way to tap into the world of experiential marketing.

One effective experiential marketing experience won PRWeek’s 2022 Campaign of the Year award. Kingsford’s Preserve the Pit experience brought awareness to Black pitmasters’ roles in America’s culinary history. A video with spoken-word poetry recounting the history was part of it. Three $16,000 grants were given to selected Black-owned BBQ joints struggling after COVID. There were so many applications that Kingsford added ten additional grants.

 By the end of this experiential marketing campaign, Kingsford saw a 62% increase in social media shares and mentions. It was an emotional message, backed by the extremely generous addition of more grants. Who wouldn’t want to back a company that’s so generous and socially responsible?

Always Put Yourself in the Users’ Shoes

As you build your marketing campaign, sit back and think about your users from their viewpoint. There’s a term UX designers use, and that’s “pain points.” Pain points are the obstacles that consumers face when trying to interact with a website, app, or customer service team.

What are some of the pain points you should consider? There are so many of them.

Suppose you run an online storefront. Your shoppers have to enter a credit card number before you let them see the shipping costs, that’s a pain point.

While navigating your app, your customers try to add an item to their cart, but the button to view the cart is broken. That’s a pain point.

Your website features many videos demonstrating ways to use your brand. Those videos do not have closed captioning, so anyone with hearing loss can’t follow along. That’s another pain point.

Clear focus and understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion is another issue that some get wrong. Your brand promotes itself as being inclusive, but others notice that it’s not. An example of this is the Dove ad campaign from several years ago. A black woman took off her shirt revealing a white woman and that white woman then took off her shirt revealing a Mediterranean complexion. While the ad was meant to show diversity, people were upset by the black woman being replaced by a white woman. It led to outrage, and Dove had to apologize and promise to be better.

Build the Perfect Customer Service Experience

How fast does your customer support team respond? Here’s a statistic to keep in mind. More than half of consumers expect a company to respond to online reviews within a week, while 21% expect companies to respond to negative reviews within a day.

Just under 50% of consumers expect a response on social media to take place before a day is up. If you open the avenue to social media conversations, make sure someone is answering social media messages quickly.

Imagine you offer customer service by phone, email, and live chat. Your consumers expect you to quickly respond to questions, concerns, or suggestions. A customer asks a question via email, but the email bounces. Live chat is disabled at 2 p.m., even though your site says live chat support is available 24/7. Your phone lines are busy. You can imagine how frustrating that is. You’re sending consumers to your competition.

Whether you need to build a website from scratch or hope to engage users in new and exciting ways, Factory 360 has the expertise you need. Why hire a new department when our experts are happy to deliver exactly what you envision? Call or email us to discuss your goals and learn how our team helps you bring them to life.