Unique Ways to Host Virtual Events Using 3D UX

3D UX is a great way to go above and beyond. The 3D graphics create a realistic setting that makes every consumer feel like they’re there in person. It makes it easy to show off your brand through the creation of a life-like 3D UX event or presentation. 3D graphics allow consumers to experience your product or service while incorporating as many of their senses as possible. They’re involved, engaged, and want to interact more with your brand.

Virtual 3D UX events are trending for good reason. During the COVID-19 pandemic, stores had to temporarily shutter their doors and switch to online sales. Restaurants had to move to curbside takeout. Awards shows and events had to be postponed or canceled. Brand launches couldn’t be done in person. 3D UX keeps many of these businesses moving forward without having to risk health by being face-to-face in a public setting. People can gather virtually and get information or experience a brand with 3D UX. It helps consumers feel like part of the experience from the safety of their home computer. Companies keep moving forward, consumers keep engaging with these brands, and the experience is the best it can be.

How do you incorporate 3D UX into your company’s virtual event? Here are some of the unique ways companies have used 3D UX to create memorable virtual events.

Pair Virtual Presentations and Giveaways

Variety is the proverbial spice of life. It’s true in virtual events too. Watching presenters over live video does give consumers the information they need, but one presenter after another can get boring. Mix it up by adding some variety. Adweek’s annual Elevate event is a good example of this.

Each year, Adweek’s Elevate series is a multi-day event for experiential marketers. It ends with the Adweek Experiential Awards event. Presenters talk about what makes certain experiential marketing campaigns such a huge success and awards for the best of the best are given out on the final day. In 2020, the pandemic has forced Adweek to move this to a virtual celebration.

Adweek at Home is going to switch things up with three hours of live virtual events. Speakers talk about what makes or breaks a brand and its purpose. Some presenters discuss the importance of bringing about effective change that incorporates inclusivity, which is a hot discussion due to racial injustices and tensions across the nation.

Through all of this, virtual attendees will also participate in a raffle, find out who the winners of the 2020 Adweek Experiential Awards are, and become a part of a unique 3D UX event. That raffle and the hopes of winning something fun is enough to keep viewers engaged and eager to watch more.

Embrace Your Audience’s Passion

Fortnite’s recent “The Device” virtual event is a great example of how to tap into your audience’s passion. In this case, the passion was online gaming. This 3D UX event drew 20 million players. The goal? Have eager Fortnite players try out a new side of Fortnite in a live gaming session that was also streamed to an audience. Who wouldn’t want to try a new feature in a favorite game?

The interest was tremendous. The downfall is that millions of gamers rushed to attend the virtual event, which surprised the developers and created server traffic jams. Only 12 million players could participate, which left some players upset. Despite being told to show up half an hour in advance to secure a spot, millions of users had no choice but to watch the live event on services like Twitch and YouTube.

The interest in this event was great, and it teaches everyone to plan accordingly. Even a carefully planned event may run into glitches so be ready for them. Consider planning for more attendees than you’d normally expect. People are home and looking for new experiences. Instead of setting a first-come approach, consider sending out invitations. If you find an excessive number of people sign up for an invitation, use that information to schedule multiple times/days to make sure everyone has a chance to attend your 3D UX virtual event. You’ll end up avoiding disappointing a crowd.

Think Outside the Box

The 2020 pandemic brought many industries and events to a halt. The annual BET Awards opted to take a new, creative approach instead. Instead of having a formal live event where celebrities and fans gather, presenters, winners, and performers will do so from remote locations and livestream their speeches or performances to viewers’ homes. It will be different, but the show will go on despite the current circumstances. Just how unique it will be to the typical BET Awards show is to be determined.

Another example of thinking outside the box came from golfers Xander Schauffele. While golf tournaments aren’t the same during the pandemic, he had help coming up with a solid virtual marketing plan. He and his dad held a live Q&A chat where fans could ask questions and watch as the golfer answered those questions. It also included a discussion on the pandemic and what the golfer is doing to adjust to the changes. You could take this idea and run with it but adding an extra event such as a free virtual golf tournament or online trivia competition after the live Q&A session.

How Do You Make It Work for Your Needs?

How do you get started? First, you need to take a close look at your budget. You probably had your marketing budget in place for the year. It’s going to change as you look at your options for a 3D UX virtual event. If you have to tweak it, do so as best that you can.

Second, check out what your competitors are doing. You don’t want to copy them. You want to do something that will stand out and attract consumers. If you simply copy their ideas, you’ve offered nothing unique. You need to offer something new or different.

Third, plan out each step of your virtual event. Test out software and equipment in advance and make sure everything is working fluidly. If there are issues, fix them. That will help you avoid any time-consuming glitches on the day of the event. You may still run into problems, but you should be able to avoid the glitches that take hours to fix.

For some, 3D UX is new territory. If you’re not sure how to pull off a stunning event using 3D UX, it’s okay. Many business owners are learning on the fly with mixed results. Why not turn to an expert? Factory 360 is happy to listen to your ideas, help you come up with the right approach for your virtual event. We can help with UX/UI, live streaming, and all of your virtual event planning. Give us a call.