How Snapchat Is Changing the Event Marketing World

One recent theme we are beginning to see is the use of Snapchat to help with event marketing and production to help those who couldn’t be apart of the action feel like they are right there on the front line. Snapchat started off with disappearing picture messages but recently they have moved into other areas such as live event coverage and event marketing.

Last year, Snapchat introduced “Stories," a feature that allows users to share photos with everyone on their buddy list for 24 hours. They recently added a more collaborative version, called “Our Story," so that people at the same event can compile their snaps into a single story that can be shared with everyone on Snapchat. Some examples of their new event marketing push are Coachella, the World Cup in Brazil, EDC music festivals, Outside Lands music festival, Electric Zoo NYC, College Game Day and more.


Snapchat is making some serious noise in the event marketing world. With over 100 million active monthly users, their reach is huge and continues to grow by the day. Some industry insiders think Snapchat is bad news for advertisers because it means there will be a shift towards digital anonymity and personal privacy. Snapchat doesn’t agree. They intend to make their network a friendly place for brands. They are working on a new service that will show content and ads to its users.

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