Talent Procurement

Talent procurement, in essence, is matchmaking. Finding the ideal performer, artist, or celebrity to participate – or headline – a particular event requires the ability to align values and purposes. Smart talent procurement assesses celebrities and performers based not only on their popularity and pop-culture status, but also their internal passions.

Consumers connect with passion because it is powerful and sincere. Passion is real. Passion is accessible. Events that leverage passion to communicate values gain access to the hearts and minds of consumers.

Though the performers and venues may change according to scale, the principle that drives effective talent procurement does not. Matching a performer’s values with consumer sensibilities is paramount to creating memorable experiences that resonate with audiences.

Factory 360 has strong relationships with celebrities, performers, and artists. Our team invests significant time and energy into developing meaningful relationships, so that we can align our talent with the most engaging venues and inspiring collaborations.

Though many agencies outsource talent procurement to third parties, Factory 360 handles every nuance of these business relationships in-house. This hands-on approach allows us to streamline the process, which reduces costs and saves time. Factory 360 takes great pride in cultivating and maintaining relationships with talent, so we can offer our clients exceptional personalities to bring their brands to life.


Moët Hennessy wanted to provide an over-the-top experience for their annual incentive trip for their top salespeople and distributors who are accustomed to white-glove treatment. So we leveraged the magic of New York City to create a once-in-a-lifetime Super Bowl weekend experience.

Factory 360 provided Hennessy’s leading salespeople with a door-to-door, first class experience complete with a cheerleader welcome upon arrival at the airport to personalized concierge service throughout their stay. The Factory 360 team orchestrated an extravagant, action-filled Super Bowl weekend that included hanging out with celebrities, bowling with NFL players, and dining with NFL Hall of Fame members. On game day, Hennessy’s sales team attended an exclusive Super Bowl tailgate party at the IZOD center before being escorted to premium seats at the Super Bowl. Each guest also received limited edition Super Bowl XLVIII memorabilia – which they all enthusiastically took home to commemorate the unforgettable experience.


Factory 360 hosted PayPal’s SXSW Music Tech Mashup event at the Empire Control Room and Garage. The talent, New York City-based American duo MS MR, headlined the event, to which more than 20,000 SXSW badge holders RSVP’d. MS MR and the crowd of thousands rocked through the night until 2AM, making the event one of the most discussed and noteworthy in Austin.

FACTORY 360’s Got Talent

Talent procurement, at its core, is about matching the right people with the right people. At Factory 360, we know that talent – from A-list celebrities to emerging artists – are people too, with strong beliefs and passions. By procuring the ideal personality for the right brand and event, we help our clients create powerful synergies that create shifts in consumer behavior. We have worked closely with every level and type of talent – from musicians and political luminaries to celebrity chefs and urban street artists. If your brand is in need of talent procurement services, give us a ring.