Social Media Integration

Social media holds tremendous promise when applied to experiential marketing, but it also poses formidable challenges. The same potential to make an impact with millions of people is tempered by the reality that social media is overcrowded with competition and distractions that make standing out difficult – but not impossible. The future belongs to brands that can capitalize on the expanding reach of social media while also differentiating themselves from competitors.

Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook allow brands to stretch their identities. Social media gives brands the ability to let their personality shine, establish their tone of voice and tell consumers who they are. Cultural developments and events represent excellent opportunities for brands to engage consumers through a larger context.

The experiences that Factory 360 creates are complemented by our dynamic proprietary photo activation app, FactorySnap. This tool that we developed allows consumers to share their experiences throughout social media networks – significantly increasing brand awareness, particularly when images go viral.

FactorySnap, a mobile app, is ideal for documenting and sharing the meaningful moments generated by experiential marketing campaigns. By engaging consumers where they spend much of their free time – in the digital realm – brands can become part of their social media dialogue. FactorySnap engages consumers to share these memorable occasions and welcome their friends and family to be part of the experience.


New York Life wanted a turnkey and cost effective solution to generate leads during LEGO KidsFest events. Factory 360 utilized New York Life’s LEGO KidsFest sponsorship to create a self-contained kit that drove qualified leads, appointments, sales and brand awareness through on-site engagement. Factory 360 used its proprietary photo app, FactorySnap, to create LEGO themed photo overlays. We trained New York Life salespeople via WebEx on the ease of using FactorySnap to collect customized consumer data, and take photos of consumers, which are ultimately sent to their email. Once the consumer received the photo, they were able to share instantly on all social media pages.

The photo activation was a huge hit as it related to both the kids and families at the event. During three event days New York Life averaged 500 photos taken per day and generated over 1,500 qualified leads for the sales team.


Hershey’s hired Factory 360 to create and implement activations that targeted Hispanic consumers at festivals and fairs. Each sampling featured a social media program that engaged consumers in a fun and family-oriented manner that showcased Hershey’s wholesome brand and its beloved Hershey’s Kisses.

The Hershey sampling booth and photo activation consisted of a large green screen that was set up in high-traffic areas with these fairs and festivals. Consumers enthusiastically tasted a variety of Hershey’s products – most notably, Hershey’s Kisses – and had photos taken as souvenirs of their experience. The activations resulted in the delivery of 100,000 Hershey’s Kisses samples and 10,000 photos being captured and shared.

Say Gorgonzola Cheese!

Social media dictates how the world perceives us, because it represents the totality of personal decisions. Brands that use social media in authentic ways are poised to create a strong foundation for their brand in the future. Consumers form their opinions online through interactions with trusted sources and people. Factory 360 helps brands become those trusted sources by leveraging behavioral insights so experiences become part of a branded and organic online conversation. For more information on how Factory 360 can improve social media integration for your brand, please contact us to discuss your social media goals and expectations.