Buzz fades. Engagement stays. Sampling experiences that do not value the consumer’s sensibility will disappear with countless other failed attempts to engage people in authentic and meaningful ways. Effective sampling experiences resonate with consumers. This is accomplished by identifying values that brands and consumers share, and creating sampling experience that showcase those mutual perspectives while driving liquid to lips.

Factory 360 has an extensive and diverse background in developing promotional samplings that are dynamic and fun. These are real-life testing grounds for our team’s innovative ideas where success is defined by consumer actions.


Russian Standard’s brand enjoyed the # 1 category leadership in Russia, and with the U.S. launch was looking to establish the same position in the U.S. marketplace. To do this we sought to bring the cultural importance of Vodka in Russia to life through traditional Russian toasts and educational samplings.

Factory 360 managed the planning and execution of nationwide on- and off-premise sampling events to drive liquid to lips moments to a broad consumer base. The traditional Russian toasts were the key component of the sampling experiences, allowing for a fun and unique introduction to the world of Russian Standard Vodka. The traditional Russian toasts came complete with Belini, Caviar and reciting of the toasts. Along with the on- and off-premise samplings, the Miss Russia Pageant and Maxim magazine media buys were leveraged at larger events that were strategically scheduled throughout the year as well as in key markets. Factory 360’s team sourced, trained, and managed model talent while acting as a vital liaison between field marketing managers and Russian Standard marketing.

Factory 360 coordinated over 400 activations per month in over 20 markets resulting in a 24% increase of bottles sold per sampling event from year 1 to year 2. We were also able to increase market participation by 2.5X in sampling programs at new stores.


Not Your Father’s Root Beer became the fastest-selling new product in the craft-beer category in the 2015 but due to persistently low consumer quality assumptions, they wished to distance themselves from the FMB category.

We sought to make NYFRB the creator/leader of the premium craft product category by building off its momentum to rapidly expand its distribution to all 50 states by the end of 2015 by re-imagining the past with a modern enhancement.

Factory 360 created a consumption culture via a laser focused national on-premise and off-premise sampling program that leveraged Not Your Father’s Root Beer’s brand essence. The sampling program traveled to 14 markets and educated bar staff on the unique and premium stance for NYFRB and its compelling point of difference. The consumer engagement involved our “relaxed” attired brand ambassadors handing out samples and playing quick interactive card games with consumers where they could would win premiums ranging from branded, hacky sacks, bottle openers, match books and beer mugs. Utilizing our proprietary photo app, FactorySnap, we were able to collect customizable consumer surveys and take unique photos/GIFs of consumers with mustaches and props. Through Factory 360’s back-end, the client was able to track and measure consumer’s social behavior from the program in real-time.

The sampling program resulted in 40,762 samples being distributed in three weeks and an average of 6 six-packs sold per off-premise sampling. The program also resulted in over 1MM social media impressions.


Factory 360 believes that passion sells. First impressions are vital in how you can win the hearts and minds of new customers over the short- and long-term. We view samplings as a way to use the senses to tell the stories of brands. If you need a unique sampling experience to increase brand awareness, connect with customers and drive sales, contact Factory 360 today.