Property Creation

Property creation begins with big thinking. Instead of simply being part of an established event or marketing campaign, property creation turns something that doesn’t exist into something unforgettable. This takes courage. Building events and experiences from the ground up demands a tenacity of spirit that is able to delegate responsibilities across a range of important skills sets.

Factory 360 offers an extensive history of successful property creations for a variety of brands. The unique collection of talents at Factory 360 is suited build influential property creations from the ground up. Our team invests the time to understand a brand’s core values and integrate those throughout the property creation process, ensuring every sweeping event and experience resonates with the client’s brand identity, raising widespread awareness and engagement among consumers.


PayPal’s Scottsdale office was eager to assume a leadership position in the burgeoning tech community in Phoenix and wanted to create their own event. Factory 360 exploited Paypal’s tech prominence to bring to life a valuable discourse within the Scottsdale start up community.

To solidify the branding of “Innovation Valley,” Factory 360 envisioned and produced the first-ever annual PayPal SkySong Connect Conference. Factory 360 built the entire conference from the ground up – everything from logo creation, agenda, collateral, production, speaker engagement contracts, travel, advertisement, and PR. The multi-disciplinary network of researchers, technologists, and entrepreneurs positioned the Scottsdale area as an important hub in the global business community. PayPal app users were able to purchase lunch from Arizona’s best food trucks for just a penny; the effort inspired attendees to integrate PayPal services into their long-term purchasing habits.

The event got the attention of major publications and local news outlets. Over 800 attendees participated in the conference with over 1,000 social engagements and an overall reach of 250,000.


Successful property creations bring brands and consumers together in unique and inspiring ways. For the Factory 360 team, property creations offer the opportunity to use their skills in imaginative contexts unhindered by preexisting rules and parameters. Ideas are only limited by the scope of one’s imagination, and our in-house talent specializes in conceiving big, bold experiences that connect brands to consumers.

Our meetings begin by assembling Factory 360 experts from an array experiential marketing disciplines – from graphic designers and event production managers to brand strategists and social media specialists. Ideas are sparked, explored, and dissected until a formidable, and strikingly original, concept emerges. Our approach has proven to yield unique and engaging ideas that only the chemistry of Factory 360’s team can generate. If your brand needs an original and inspiring property creation give us a buzz.