Buzz fades. Engagement stays. Promotions that do not value the consumer’s sensibility will disappear with countless other failed attempts to engage people in authentic and meaningful ways. Effective promotions raise brand awareness and build brand loyalty by creating experiences that resonate with consumers. This is accomplished by identifying values that brands and consumers share, and creating promotions that showcase those mutual perspectives. This takes work. However, investing the thought and energy into understanding the mindset and values of a particular demographic creates long-term brand loyalty – which is the goal of promotions.

Factory 360 has an extensive and diverse background in creating and implementing promotions. Our team enjoys working on promotions because they offer an opportunity to create experiences that directly involve consumers. Promotions are dynamic and fun. They’re real-life testing grounds for our team’s innovative ideas where success isn’t only defined by data and feedback, but by intangible human expressions – from a smile on a consumer’s face to the glint in their eye when something they value connects with an attribute featured in the promotion. Promotions are hard work in action.

Promotions: IDT Telecom

IDT Telecom, the largest domestic and global distributor of international pre-paid and top-up phone cards, hired Factory 360 to create promotions that target an expanding and lucrative market. IDT, which sells more than 30 million calling cards every month, wanted to build brand awareness and engagement in the growing Hispanic community across America. This demographic represented an ideal customer base for the brand’s calling cards, which offer extremely low international rates and features like auto recharge and PIN-less dialing.

Many members of the Factory 360 team come from Hispanic backgrounds, and easily related to the circumstances that informed IDT’s promotion objectives and the targeted customer’s sensibilities. So Factory 360 created a strategy that reached the market through storeowners – the familiar faces customers interact with on a regular basis and trust; and storeowners, of course, are always seeking new ways to serve their customers and increase business.

Factory 360 worked with IDT regional area managers and storeowners to coordinate 3-hour store visits around high-traffic and high-volume sales times to create the most impactful promotions. Factory 360’s promotional strategy used bilingual brand ambassadors – specifically trained to market IDT’s calling cards – at these peak times to engage customers and educate them on how to use and purchase the IDT cards. The promotion also offered customers special premiums for every calling product purchased.

By focusing on the powerful relationships between storeowners and their routine customers, the promotional effort significantly increased brand awareness for IDT, and incremental sales of IDT calling cards, which surpassed $950K in 2.5 years. Brand ambassadors led activations in more than 18,000 stores nationwide, an average of 6,000 annually.

Promotions: NJOY

NJOY approached Factory 360 to create a promotion that would increase brand awareness and drive engagement with new customers. Many tobacco consumers were not familiar with the many flavors and varieties of NJOY products. The Factory 360 team carefully considered the emerging popularity of e-cigarettes and vaping, and what this latest evolution in smoking meant for consumers and NJOY’s future.

Factory 360 created an ambitious promotions effort that featured activations in major retail C-stores – from 7-11 and Fas Mart to Hess, Circle K, and Loves – in four initial test markets: Richmond, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Miami. Each activation was conducted by knowledgeable models who dressed like “cigarette girls” equipped with colorfully branded cigarette sampling trays of NJOY products. These brand ambassadors engaged customers entering the stores and initiated conversations about NJOY products, which, as they explained, come in a variety of flavors to suit every palate. The brand ambassador offered customers the NJOY flavor of their choice, while telling the story of NJOY’s brand and why it is poised to lead the marketplace.

The promotion resulted in more than 20,000 samplings through activations held in 500 stores over a span of three months.

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Factory 360 believes that promotions should have energy. Promotions, after all, are how brands engage and win new customers over the short- and long-term. Promotions represent the hard work of creative souls behind the scenes, where – as with many live events – the ideas and the creative vision become real life. The team at Factory 360 views promotions as a platform for their creativity. This is what allows Factory 360 to tell the stories of brands in ways that engage people on meaningful levels. If your brand needs a unique promotion to increase brand awareness and connect with customers, contact Factory 360 today.