Public Relations

Though Factory 360 is not a traditional PR agency, we see PR as one of the pieces of an integrated marketing plan that can make or break how the public views a brand, which is vital to our agency and our clients. By adding PR capabilities to our arsenal, we are able to more effectively bridge the offline with the online consumer experience and amplify existing experiential activations. In the constantly changing information age that we live in, PR is becoming an even more crucial component of any good marketing strategy. Every action is more closely scrutinized and often criticized by the general public, and a solid PR strategy is necessary to prepare for this scrutiny.

Regarding brands and the media, there is often room for misinterpretation, which can lead to public backlash. In experiential events, these misinterpretations can be controlled. With a more holistic strategy that includes PR, we can have full control over the events we create for consumers and promote our clients’ brands more effectively.
Brand engagement begins with the hearts and minds of those who represent it, and a lack of confidence in the ability to do something special resonates throughout every aspect of a brand’s identity. Brands with self-awareness naturally excel at generating a loyal following because they intimately understand their values, motivations, and objectives. When it comes to executing a PR Stunt, brands must know what makes them special. PR Stunts require courage with nuance – the ability to execute audacious ideas that don’t appear contrived or unwieldy. The art of executing a PR Stunt demands a leap of faith in the creative process.


Quicken Loans wanted to build awareness and create buzz among consumers by promoting itself in a creative manner. Factory 360 ran a week long a PR Stunt demands a leap of faith in the creative process.ur clients. d three different influential men of history (Abe Lincoln, George Washington and Benjamin Franklin) carrying out random acts of kindness in New York, Los Angeles and Boston, respectively. Each market implemented a different “Random Act of Kindness” with the important message of paying it forward. Consumers were surprised with complimentary Quicken Loans gift cards and a certain “Random Act of Kindness.” Hidden cameras were revealed during the surprise and delight appearance of each actor. As a result, in two weeks Factory 360 captured over 500 photos, distributed over $45,000 in gift cards, and the viral video garnered over 60,000 unique views.


Factory 360 collaborated with General Motorsiqadvertising agency to execute a PR Stunt that could be captured on video for use online. With 2016 being a leap year, we went around the world and asked three Millennials in three different countries what they would do if they had an extra day free to themselves.

In return, we fulfilled those wishes via three live activations in Johannesburg, Seoul and Sao Paulo. Factory 360 handled all local permitting for stunts and filming including hosting a kite flying competition on the rooftop of Brazil, taking over an ice skating rink in Johannesburg for a day, as well as creating a rock climbing activity in Seoul. Additionally, Factory 360 worked directly with its local crews and producers who navigated the legal system in each country to stage the activation. Mandatories included filming each Millennial and the fulfilment of their wish, as well as editing it into a narrative to be used online and incorporating the GM cars into each of the experiences in an organic manner.


Factory 360 provides a strategic blend of experiential marketing and PR to help our clients adapt to the rapidly changing marketing industry. We specialize in identifying the unique and valuable attributes of a brand and building effective experiences and communications around those strengths. For brands in need of awareness and attention, Factory 360 offers bold thinking that can break the Internet. Each member of the Factory 360 team believes the imaginative capabilities of the mind can create powerfully innovative ideas that revolutionize the relationships between brands and consumers.