Pop-up Stores

Pop-up stores provide consumers an escape from a traditional brand experience. By putting your brand in an environment that is not the norm we can have a more resonating impact on changing perceptions and creating appeal. Consumers are able to experience a brand’s values and this is start of building a connection. If done right, pop-up stores are positioned to engage consumers on a more intimate level.


Factory 360 created pop-up stores in San Francisco and New York City that featured technology-themed events and activities promoting Microsoft XP Photo. Technology intimidates many consumers, so the pop-up stores offered a friendly and intimate environment where consumers could freely ask brand ambassadors questions about how to download and use Microsoft’s photo software.

The Microsoft pop-up stores also offered tutorial sessions for tech-savvy consumers. They could learn more about Microsoft products and how they compared to Apple products in areas such as graphic design and other creative functionalities. The effort resulted in more than 20,000 unique visitors during a 30-day period, and garnered 15,000 email acquisitions for relationship marketing leads. The pop-up stores also generated 1 million PR and gross media impressions.


Evian challenged us to create dynamic and exclusive pop-up store experiences that would position the brand as a leader in the competitive high-end water category. So we did. The Factory 360 team developed an engaging pop-up store campaign that told Evian’s story by leveraging the brand’s core attributes – its origins in the pristine and luxurious French Alps.

The upscale Evian pop-ups featured spa-industry professionals specially trained to administer three distinct spa treatments using Evian products. The effort attracted A-list celebrities and, within a week of the grand openings, the reservation schedule was booked for the entire month. However, to show its appreciation for consumers who weren’t able to schedule appointments, Evian treated walk-ins to Evian samplings and a complimentary hand massage. The Evian pop-up spas created significant brand awareness through local and national media channels, and generated more than 2 million PR impressions.


Factory 360’s has developed pop-up stores for a variety of clients and functions and our founder was one of the very first people ever to create a pop-up store.

From identifying locations based on demographic research to implementing signage and environmental designs that generate content and consumer engagement, Factory 360 offers our clients uniquely creative ideas that generate results.

In many ways, pop-up stores are works of art unto themselves. Consumers expect pop-up stores to represent a brand’s best creative efforts, and this is where Factory 360 excels. Our experts leverage a brand’s strongest attributes and integrates those qualities into a formidable experiential environment that leverages the unique personality of the brand and amplifies it through social media.

If your brand is considering a pop-up store to engage consumers on a meaningful level, contact Factory 360. We’re happy to discuss the creative ways we can help showcase your brand’s strongest attributes through innovative story telling.