Model Network

Even the most meticulously planned promotional event or marketing strategy can’t control a sudden thunderstorm at an outdoor festival or an unexpected traffic jam two miles from a high profile, celebrity-filled gala. Surprising, stressful developments do, on occasion, happen during marketing events, and these moments require models that are professionals – models who can stay on message and elegantly perform their jobs without losing focus. There is more to modeling than physical appearances, and brands should only deal with networks that understand the nuance of personality and intelligence needed to communicate brand values and engage consumers.

Factory 360 invested considerable time and resources into building a strong network of models that offer a spectrum of aesthetic sensibilities, media-specific talents, and personal depth. Our network of models has extensive experience promoting brands in numerous industries from high-end fashion and exclusive spirit labels to legendary automotive brands and beauty products. Our team understands that attractiveness comes in different forms and contexts, and real beauty is a confluence of attitude, character, and physical aesthetics and style.

Factory 360 does not outsource its modeling efforts to third party staffing agencies. Factory 360 directly employs its models, which means we are directly accountable for the quality of the models and their professionalism. Marketing campaigns that require models trust Factory 360 to provide highly trained and carefully vetted models that perfectly align with a brand’s personality and energy in addition to fitting the targeted market demographics. Factory 360 models understand they represent themselves and the brand; and, as brand ambassadors, they are articulate, knowledgeable, and personally conduct themselves according to the highest professional standards.

Model Network: Russian Standard

Russian Standard hired Factory 360 because its brand suffered from the common U.S. consumer perception that Russian vodkas were of poor quality – a reputation that stemmed from past consumer experiences with lower quality competitors. To remedy this problem, Factory 360 created a super premium experience that differentiated the Russian Standard brand from inferior vodkas.

To reinforce the brand’s position as Russia’s #1 Premium Vodka, the Factory 360 team sourced, trained, and managed model talent while acting as a vital liaison between individual market managers in the field and the Russian Standard headquarters. The models played an integral role in the marketing experience as they had to speak knowledgeably about Russian Standard vodka – and the various components that inform high-quality vodka – as well as interact with sophisticated target influencers who expected high-level pouring services and brand ambassadors with an in-depth appreciation for the category.

The models effectively promoted the brand and communicated its differentiating attributes throughout a spectrum events and circumstances. As a result of the models’ strong messaging, consumers embraced Russian Standard’s high-end brand attributes, swiftly increasing sales.

The effort coordinated 400 activations per month in more than 200 markets, which resulted in a 24% increase in bottles sold per event from year 1 to year 2. The campaign increase market participation by 2.5x in sampling programs at new stores, which is testimony to the models’ ability to engage consumers and help Russia Standard’s brand overcome an entrenched perception that held back their marketplace potential.

Call Factory 360 For Your Nationwide Model Needs!

Factory 360’s nationwide model network specializes in matching the right appearance, personality, and style to each brand’s attributes and marketing objectives. We’ve provided models for exclusive VIP events and high-profile clients in addition to fun promotional samplings sponsored by premiere spirit brands and boutique wineries. Factory 360 manages selected models to ensure they are properly educated about brands, products, and events. Detailed training programs instill our models with a sense of confidence that resonates throughout their job performance as they bring a high-energy, positive attitude, and intellectual understanding of the brand’s goals and vision. Not outsourcing to third party vendors affords Factory 360 unfettered involvement in developing and managing models, which greatly reduces costs by removing unnecessary expenses and oversight.