Mobile Tours

We believe that the primary components of a successful mobile tour are scalability, execution, and design. The ultimate goal is to not compromise design with scale. Sure, you could get a food truck or cart but that’s been done over and over again. If you want your brand to stand out think differently. The design of mobile vehicle is a consumer’s first impression. Design is often overlooked but in may ways design is the most effective way to communicate a message - so make sure to make it count. Now once consumers get to the mobile experience, execution takes over. You need energetic and passionate brand ambassadors to make an impact. When we pair our network of passionate brand ambassadors with beautifully designed mobile experiences, we’re able to bring value to the lives of consumers and stimulate desired reactions.

MOBILE TOURS: BOOHOO.COM was looking to increase brand awareness and sales in the U.S. among 16-24 year old females who were starting to think more about fashion.

To engage’s target audience and increase sales we created and executed a 6-week college tour for back to school that traveled to multiple California college campuses. Our pop-up trailer was designed to be visually engaging and carry’s latest fashions all while driving traffic to the website. Outside of the mobile pop-up consumers could play water pong to win premiums and take photos with college fashion influencers.

The program resulted in surpassing its fall year sales goal by Q2 and increased brand awareness among college consumers in California through press, TV, print, bloggers, and college influencers.


Factory 360 views mobile tours as the meticulous integration of logistics and human engagement and innovative design in motion. Planning a mobile tour begins with clear objectives and ends when those objectives are achieved. At Factory 360 our creative process and execution inspires not only the work we do, but also the people with whom we work. Clients who seek a mobile tour that leverages the collective creativity and talents of proven industry professionals should contact Factory 360 with their most ambitious objectives and we’ll provide you with a vision for the road.