Influencer Marketing

Authenticity is key and it matters more than ever before. That’s why unlike many influencer marketing agencies, we don’t keep a database of influencers and recycle them with different clients. We identify and evaluate influencers for each project from scratch to ensure we are creating the most authentic and mutually beneficial partnerships. Our curated lists of influencers are the latest and most relevant people that will connect with your audience.

Discovering the most relevant influencers is vital but what’s just important if not more important is how you collaborate. We believe that the best way to work with influencers is to co-create with them so we can ensure their voices are expressed in a brand’s message. Influencers are creatives at heart so we must give them the freedom they need to create and express.


In order to become the #1 shisha brand in the U.S. Nakhla wanted to expand its target audience to include more modern shisha smokers. So we created an influencer event to build brand awareness, create engaging content and connect Nakhla with modern shisha smokers.

We leveraged a pre-existing hookah lounge in downtown LA with high-level organic traffic and cultivated a buzzing event atmosphere. We used geo-fencing to target specific influencers in LA and invite them to the one night hookah event. Through geo-fencing we tracked influencer social channels, measured average monthly hookah usage of influencers, and monitored venue sales. The campaign resulted in 175 influencer attendees, 814K+ impressions and 100+ social media influencer posts.


We understand that brands don’t influencer people. It’s the people behind the scenes doing the work that influences people. If you’re looking for approval, than you’re not being authentic. Let us develop and manage compelling content with influencers that will drive your narrative.