Guerrilla Marketing

Most guerilla marketing initiatives do not last very long, but if done right, they can strongly resonate with the public long after the event. We believe that the strongest guerilla marketing campaigns are disruptive in nature and they are able to create memorable experiences by flaunting engrained rules and expectations.

Factory 360 understands that true creativity does not exist without a desire to push ideas beyond their accepted boundaries. The human condition wants stability and routine; the human spirit, however, craves disruption, adventure, and new experiences. Factory 360 actively nurtures a creative culture in our office that encourages our employees to think boldly and take risks. Factory 360 approaches guerrilla marketing with three simple tools: a massive white board, a handful of colorful markers, and a room full of people free to explore with no limitations.


Benefit Cosmetics wanted to increase brand awareness among trendy, fashion-conscious consumers and drive traffic to its retail stores. To do this we engaged consumers at high-profile fashion events with brand ambassadors on the streets. We leveraged social media promotions to attract consumers and drive traffic to Benefit Cosmetics stores.

NY Fashion Week: Brand Ambassadors engaged with Fashion Week attendees, informing them if they scanned the QR code on the BA’s uniform and “liked” Benefit Cosmetics’ page on Facebook, they would be instantly emailed a promotional offer redeemable at the Benefit store.

NY Tribeca Film Festival: Brand Ambassadors were given a mobile device with a special photo overlay that, when taking a photo of a consumer, made it seem like the consumer was standing under a personalized marquee with their name lit up while being shot by the paparazzi. The photo was instantly emailed to consumers, encouraging them to like Benefit Cosmetics on Facebook to receive a promotional offer.

Beauty or Bust: Consumers had their photos taken at Benefit Cosmetics counters before and after a mascara makeover, which was then uploaded to the Benefit Cosmetics Facebook page. Consumers were also entered to win a trip to LA to appear on E! Fashion Police.


Turkish Airlines expanded their extensive service to one of the greatest destinations in the US: San Francisco. To promote awareness of the new non-stop service to Istanbul, Turkish Airlines wanted to build an experience on the streets of San Francisco to let locals know that they can now “Widen Their World” with Turkish Airlines.

To educate consumers to the many different destinations provided by Turkish Airlines, we placed custom designed binoculars in key locations. When consumers looked through the binoculars they were immersed into a 360 degree view of the many different destinations Turkish Airlines travels to. Using our proprietary photo app, FactorySnap, participants who had branded photos of them taken while using the binoculars were instantly entered for a chance to win two round trip tickets to Istanbul. The four day activation generated an estimated 200,000 impressions while distributing over 25,000 flyers.


Many brands consider guerrilla marketing as the natural – or sometimes only – option when facing budgetary constraints. Though some imaginative concepts require huge budgets to bring their visions to life, the imagination – when challenged by financial constraints – can wield equally compelling campaigns that show a brand’s true wit.
Guerrilla marketing can reach consumers in unique ways that inspire them by disrupting their routines and redefining how they see the world – and particular brands. For Factory 360, guerilla marketing provides the opportunity to test the creative capacities of our teams by forcing them to strike a very precarious, and potentially powerful, balance with consumers. Each challenge is different so give Factory 360 a call to develop a guerilla marketing campaign that uniquely suit your brand and objectives.