Grassroots Programs

Grassroots programs dovetail well with the Millennial sensibility because such efforts are inherently authentic. A grassroots consensus on any issue requires a groundswell of intellectual and emotional investment by consumers regarding a particular brand. Grassroots programs act on a shared, knowledgeable perception of value rather than a device or gimmick that superficially plays on fleeting emotions and the sincerity of the moment. Grassroots programs are powerful because they leverage a strong, time-tested foundation of understanding and loyalty.

Factory 360 creates grassroots programs that leverage a brand’s values and promises through authentic experiences. Authenticity is best understood by synthesizing the core of a brand’s behavior – from the motivations that fuel its vitality to customer appreciation protocols – and communicating those attributes to consumers who share similar passions and expectations. Authenticity requires a strong sense of self-awareness. Brands, like people, function best when they’re being themselves.

The Factory 360 team specializes in grassroots programs that identify a brand’s true identity, which is then translated to consumers through memorable experiences and events. Grassroots programs are not dictated from the top down, but from the bottom up, where experiential marketing campaigns tap into a preexisting goodwill between brands and the marketplace. Effective grassroots programs harness the energy and enthusiasm of brand ambassadors and channels that power into strategies that expand the consumer base.

Word of mouth, after all, remains the most trusted and powerful form of advertising. There is nothing more authentic than the recommendation of a trusted friend. Recommendations often determine the model of car we drive, the brand of bourbon we drink, and even the person we end up marrying.

Grassroots Program: Chase

Financial industry brands struggle to establish brand identities that resonate with a discerning, and sometime cynical, public. When Chase approached Factory 360 with the challenge of engaging the public and motivating people to create new checking accounts with Chase, our team knew the strategy had to leverage a grassroots platform. The public is skeptical of financial brands, and rightly so. After a decade of global financial debacles and mismanagement, consumers simply reject aspirational and superficial messaging from financial brands as patronizing and tone deaf.

Fortunately, Chase’s brand has been a prevalent and familiar thread in the fabric of New York City, with many convenient locations and a history of serving customers – and families of customers – for many years. Factory 360 built a campaign around groups of local brand ambassadors and strategically positioned them at prominent cultural events and popular festivals throughout New York City. The knowledgeable brand advocates, who had personal, first-hand experiences with Chase, enthusiastically represented the brand and its services, and garnered more than 6,000 new accounts for Chase.

Grassroots Program: AllState

Allstate Insurance hired Factory 360 to create a grassroots program that would engage prospective customers – particularly customers with cars – in the Chicago area and educate them on the many valuable features of Allstate Insurance policies for car owners. The Factory 360 team developed a strategy that connected with car owners on a personal level; the effort generated a sense of goodwill and valuable free time to meet one-on-one with Allstate representatives to discuss various policies and options.

Factory 360 developed and executed a pop-up carwash campaign in strategically located shopping center parking lots throughout Chicago. While drivers relaxed in comfortable refreshment tents, Allstate brokers were able to speak with potential new clients and generate leads. In total, 16 pop-up car washes washed more than 700 cars and provided Allstate agents with over 550 leads that earned a press value of $200,000 in media impressions.

Call Factory 360 For Your Grassroots Program!

“Be authentic.” It’s not a new concept, and Millennials are certainly not impressed by efforts to define their generation as wanting something truthful, candid, and driven by respectable motives – because this is largely considered common sense. Be yourself. Keep it real. We’ve all heard these platitudes before. Factory 360 understands that the power of grassroots programs lies in the mutual agreement among people that a certain brand believes and behaves according to honorable values that resonate throughout a credible brand identity.