Festival Properties

Festivals present brands with powerful experiential marketing opportunities to align their messaging with the values of performers and participants. Modern consumers, especially Millennials, know when they’re being targeted by sleek marketing campaigns; they’ve developed intuitive, instinctive defenses against attempts to access their emotions and bank accounts. Festival properties, however, represent a common ground where consumers and brands share a bonding experience in an entertaining and intimate environment. Brands must employ a deft and nuanced approach to festivals, artists, and participants that respects the shared ideals and objectives of the gathering. Otherwise, brands risk being perceived as inauthentic and manipulative and being escorted out of the festival by a team of security staff.

Factory 360 enjoys an organic connection to festivals and festivalgoers, like Millennials. Many members of the experiential marketing team regularly attend music and art festivals – from major music events to independent, experimental collaborations – held across the globe. This institutional knowledge and experience informs Factory 360’s approach to executing brand strategies at festival properties. Artists and festival attendees share a strong connection based on their passion for particular art forms and expressions. This connection is based on trust, open mindedness, and a shared sense of humanity. Intelligent brands gain acceptance into these communities and experiences by relating their own stories and values to those being celebrated by artists and ticket holders.

Festival Properties: Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, for example, presented an exceptional opportunity for Factory 360 to leverage its talent and position NJOY Premium Electronic Cigarettes within the vibrant context of the surrounding experience. Factory 360 assembled a team of brand ambassadors that embodied the artful aesthetic of the festival, including music icon Courtney Love, who interacted with guests at the NJOY tent and discussed the brand, electronic cigarettes, and the many talented bands and performers.

Factory 360 designed and built three separate high-traffic staging areas throughout Coachella where festivalgoers could conveniently sample products, socialize, and learn about the NJOY brand. Factory 360’s experiential marketing efforts created a powerful footprint for NJOY where, over the course of multiple weekends, visitors sampled more than 100,000 NJOY products and learned about the brand’s vision of the future as traditional cigarettes cede more cultural ground to electronic cigarette alternatives. Effective brands view festival properties such as Coachella as friendly environments rich in common interests and shared values with consumers. Factory 360 specializes in the reaching consumers via appealing and mutually beneficial experiential marketing platforms that encourage social interaction as a part of brand awareness and product launch strategies.

Festival Properties: Kim Crawford

Groundbreaking New Zealand wine brand Kim Crawford approached Factory 360 with the unique challenge of creating an experiential marketing space at the Austin Food & Wine Festival. Kim Crawford, one of the first wineries to forgo the traditional cork stopper for the more practical screw cap (that more effectively preserves freshness), tasked the Factory 360 team with introducing the brand, and its products – particularly its aromatic and silky pinot noir, its unoaked, fruit-driven chardonnay, and vigorous sauvignon blanc – to American consumers.

To accommodate the hot Austin sun, Factory 360 designed a space that afforded guests a cool, comfortable respite from the heat complete with brand ambassadors offering Kim Crawford wine-infused slushies. A lively bar welcomed attendees to sit down, learn about the brand, and recharge their phones – and palates –at a charging station while munching on Kim Crawford sauvignon-blanc infused popcorn. The hugely popular Kim Crawford space attracted visitors from across the festival, including those seeking to challenge famed Supernatural actor Jared Padalecki or celebrity chef Paul Qui to a Kim Crawford-themed ping pong match. The event surpassed the client’s proposed goals by 35% and generated more than 13 million press impressions.

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Factory 360, the premiere experiential marketing firm for festival properties, values the passion that compels people to travel hundreds, or thousands, of miles to see their favorite artists perform. Arts and culture represent the best of human nature, and Factory 360 is proud to collaborate with artists, chefs, and brands to bring memorable, life-affirming experiences to people across the globe. Chances are the next time you are wearing a VIP wristband or are brushing your teeth with bottled water beside your tent, a Factory 360 team member or client isn’t far away.