Experiential Marketing

TV commercials don’t have a smell. Taglines can’t shake hands. Websites don’t taste like chicken, or anything else. Human beings experience the world through their five senses – taste, sight, smell, touch, and sound – which leaves traditional marketing strategies severely limited in terms of long-term impact. Experiential marketing, however, creates memories through experiences, and memories are extraordinarily powerful. Just ask your therapist.

Factory 360 is a premiere experiential marketing firm, and has brainstormed and executed compelling experiences for clients that range from ESPN and Crown Royal to PayPal and Hershey’s. Factory 360 knows the key to successful experiential marketing begins with an in-depth understanding of a client’s brand and ideal customer. Every strong brand has core values – a set of beliefs – that make it unique and accessible. Factory 360 identifies these core values and dreams up creative ways to express them through experiential marketing events that reach consumers on an impactful and personal level.

Experiential Marketing: Chase Bank

Take, Chase Bank, for example. Banks do not typically enjoy a favorable reputation in the general public – which, it turns out, is where many of Chase Bank’s customers are found. Factory 360 carefully considered consumer sentiment with respect to Chase Bank’s marketing objective, which was to connect with customers on a grassroots level and encourage them to get to know the brand and create new checking accounts with Chase. Factory 360 ultimately decided to leverage the brand’s most valuable and convincing asset: its own loyal customers.

Factory 360 organized teams of Chase Bank brand advocates and sent them to strategically selected events and festivals throughout New York City, where they met, in-person, with existing and prospective Chase Bank customers enjoying the festivities. The brand advocates were taught about Chase products, trained to gather account information, and then sent to carefully vetted events and venues. How did it go? The effort garnered more than 6,000 new checking accounts for Chase Bank.

Experiential Marketing: Chrysler, Jeep, & Dodge

Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge hired Factory 360 to create experiential marketing events uniquely designed to showcase their brands and their newest, sleekest vehicles to customers. The Factory 360 team brainstormed ideas and organized resources from dealerships and headquarters to produce a customized tour comprised of five major events that more than 500,000 people experienced.

From inspired set designs and branded signage to coordinating the logistics of a major tour consisting of an 18-wheeler and the transportation of ten cars from one event to the next, Factory 360 orchestrated every nuance of the experiential marketing event. Customers and brand advocates had a personal, powerful experience interacting with the latest cars, learning about their modern features and fuel-saving technologies, and participating in information sessions that answered their knowledgeable questions and gave them VIP access to the brands’ latest cars.

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Factory 360 knows the creative possibilities with experiential marketing are boundless, and has assembled a staff of talented and unique individuals to develop the most compelling and effective ideas. Whether the client is looking to increase brand awareness, edify a brand identity, or simply attract and secure new customers, Factory 360 develops customized experiential marketing strategies that leverage a brand’s values by harnessing the power of its ideas and the energy of its advocates.