Event Marketing & Production

The subtlest change in an images and setting can transform a message. Through texture, tone, and context you have the ability to illuminate an experience. Event production and design balances a comprehensive, sweeping aesthetic and theme where no details are too small. When interpreting the vast spectrum of consumer mindsets, human conditions and emotions in between, event production and design makes use of space to bring humanity to brands and create an authentic connection.


Factory 360 partnered with local artists and used art as a means to unite the community and educate people on lululemon athletica’s The UnitedSTATE campaign. When approaching this project, it was important to keep the message of the campaign consistent as well as the artist in mind. We sought out venues that were both intimate and urban, and that offered a space for the artists to showcase their work.

Factory 360 created pop-up experiences in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Nashville. We partnered with local media properties to tap into their existing subscriber list that identified as lululemon’s target audience. We then pushed out digital invites that highlighted the artists’ artwork and the respective cities. The activation utilized interactive elements to educate consumers on the campaign and bring people together. A postcard station encouraged attendees to create postcards that would be sent to their loved ones the following day. An interactive wall served as a giant canvas where attendees could declare their interdependence to The UnitedSTATE by leaving a mark using various paints, pens, charcoal, and pastels. The end result was a collective of art that depicted the community coming together. The community based experience generated WOM and surpassed turnout expectations.


Factory 360 was hired by Ruffino to bring its renowned brand and new ad campaign to life at the influential New York City Food and Wine Festival. Factory 360’s approach was to create a space that represented the brand’s storied history of Tuscan sensibility and culinary excellence. The environmental design incorporated a subtle modern aesthetic to complement a new line of products for contemporary palates. Factory 360 admired Ruffino’s open air Italian approach to life, and used this idea to inform the creative process, which resulted in a space that captured the brand’s soul and consumer interest.

Factory 360 designed an open Tuscan pergola for Ruffino – complete with a customized farmhouse display table – that transported customers into an authentic Italian experience amid the bustling streets of New York City. Our brand ambassadors educated consumers on new products, discussed Italian food culture and introduced a new Ruffino olive oil paired with focaccia.

As word spread throughout the food and wine festival, Ruffino saw an increase in traffic. We handed out more than 5,000 samples and took nearly 400 pictures using FactorySnap, Factory 360’s propriety social media app. Consumers who visited the Ruffino pergola space later accessed the brand’s microsite almost 500 times to view their photos.


Factory 360 understands that the vision of a company is no greater than the combined talent of its employees. Our talented team of event producers and designers see powerful beauty in places where most don’t. It’s the ability to see the potential of spaces and brands that sets us apart. Every member of our team is an artist at heart, engineer in spirit and brand advocate by choice.