People have plenty of opportunities to experience brands these days. They’re much less likely to enter an experience that doesn’t attract their attention. It’s human nature to like beautiful things and that’s why good design is vital to earn people’s interest. Whether it’s digital, social, experiential, or advertising, it’s important to leverage design so the content is different, exciting and creates a meaningful interaction between brands and consumers.

Our society has become increasingly design-focused. When was the last time you went into a restaurant with a hand-printed sign; patronized a business that was dirty and unattractive; or hired a contractor with minimal branding or no marketing materials? It’s so easy and affordable to create professional-looking banners, logos, websites, business cards and more. When someone doesn’t take advantage of these tools, we’re suspect about why.

As peoples design literacy increases, it’s more important than ever to ensure your brand looks and feels amazing. Your brand’s presence communicates the first and perhaps only impression consumers will have of your company. We make sure that impression is positive and powerful.


Factory 360 has been a resource for PayPal’s design strategy and design needs. We develop themes for PayPal’s internal programs to elevate their value across PayPal globally and encourage employees to take advantage of the related opportunities that PayPal offers.

We bring a fresh perspective to develop a more creative brand identity for PayPal and we showcase our design strategy through various deliverables that position internal programs as a key part to PayPal’s culture.

Design deliverables include, but are not limited to: presentations, newsletters, postcards, flyers, print inserts, cover pages, temporary signage, environmental signage infographics, blog design, photography and much more.

DESIGN: Close5

Factory 360 brought Close5’s above the line campaign to life by designing and developing all creative elements for local community events. This included mailers, flyers, banners, premiums, event footprint, t-shirts, and vehicle wrappings. The program elements were well maintained and which lead to a second year of the program being executed.


Factory 360 has a unique understanding of consumer insights and motivations that enables us to develop a strategic approach to guide the consumer journey across all touchpoints. We effectively move consumers to action with compelling design that educates and motivates engagement.

When developing print and digital materials we focus and creative messaging to seamlessly align consumer needs with the brand’s values, messaging and aesthetic. From creating apps to exploring new branding, Factory 360’s diverse team of programmers, developers and designers excel at fine-tuning print and digital communications based on the medium, message, and targeted audience.