We align our experiential strategy with the values of your audience to elevate engagement and cement your brand’s influence in culture. By embracing both art and science, we can tell real stories with real emotions that create authentic connections and stimulate desired reactions.

We experience the world through our five senses – taste, sight, smell, touch, and sound – which leaves traditional marketing severely limited in terms of long-term impact. Brand Activations, however, create memories through experiences, and memories are extraordinarily powerful.

As a design driven experiential marketing agency, Factory 360 has developed compelling brand activations for clients in almost every category. We know that people often define themselves by what they do, not what they have so we keep things simple and focus on activating key brand messages through design. In the end our process turns your complex problems into connection moments that resonate through remarkable design, innovation and flawless execution.


Factory 360 identified co-working spaces as an opportunity for Asus to interact with their target audience that consisted of entrepreneurs, business travelers, bloggers, and artists.

ASUS partnered with Projective Space, a co-working space in NYC, to reach some of the most savvy and trendy professionals where they work. Through this partnership, Factory 360 was able to provide entrepreneurs with a memorable demo of the new ZenBook series, the new ZenPad, and the ZenFone. While demoing the products, consumers experienced fresh coffee, interactive mood lighting, and special events such as create your own business cards, create your own soundtrack and create your own 3D printed prototype. To ensure engagement for the duration of the workshops, ASUS hosted keynote sessions and launch parties. The workshops generated over 1500 RSVP’s and over 1.3MM impressions.


FCA was challenged to sell in South Florida and dealerships were not seeing traffic. They needed a solution to both showcase new models and pre qualify potential buyers.

Factory 360 worked in conjunction with FCA’s advertising agency to develop and execute sponsorship brand activations nationally for Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep. The programs varied from community events such as 116th Street Festival with 1MM+ in attendance to the Latin Billboards with brand activations at the conference and intimate influencer events. The brand activations at the large-scale events were brand specific and each area had vehicles displayed along with experiences that reflected the brand personality:

Chrysler: Consumers played miniature golf and were pre-qualified for vehicles on-site via data capture / credit check units. Brand Ambassadors swiped consumers’ driver’s licenses and rewarded them for participating in the pre-qualifying opportunity with a premium.

Dodge: The Dodge footprint included a rock climbing wall, soccer kick and vehicles with custom gaming in the rear for consumers to play throughout the event.

Jeep: The adventurous spirit of Jeep was executed with a family experience where kids could drive the Jeep Power Wheels in the custom Jeep track.

The brand activations garnered 2MM impressions across 10 events nationwide. We engaged over half a million attendees and captured over 600 quality leads during Carnaval on the Mile alone.


Factory 360 knows the creative possibilities with brand activations are endless. We have a dream team of talented and unique individuals that are passionate about developing the most compelling and effective ideas. No matter the KPI’s, we develop customized brand activation strategies that leverage your brand’s values.