Affluent Marketing

Extraordinary value. Limited availability. Remarkable status. These qualities represent the brand attributes that the affluent sensibility strives to achieve. Some are physical expressions of exclusivity. Others are symbolic. This affords inventive brands and agencies opportunities to create their own versions of exclusivity to engage these valued consumers. Successful affluent marketing strategies offer rare access to the world’s most in-demand events, products, and services.

Factory 360 has extensive experience providing affluent marketing services and experiences. Our team understands that affluent marketing strategies strive for differentiation – especially in high-end markets, where desirability is defined by singular extraordinariness. Being different in an exclusive way, however, poses challenges. Nuance is key.

Factory 360 approaches affluent marketing with the realization that, for brands and consumers not limited to financial constraints, life is about customization. Affluence allows for the personalization of one’s lifestyle through decisions on every level – from one’s shoe style to one’s vacation destinations. Establishing an identity in society requires telling a story through products, lifestyles, and decisions that reflect a special, rewarding quality of life.

Factory 360 specializes in telling those stories in ways that are meaningful and authentic.

Affluent Marketing: Evian

Evian reached out to Factory 360 to create affluent marketing strategies that would reposition the brand as a leader in the competitive high-end water category and engage consumers.

The Factory 360 team created a multi-pronged experiential marketing strategy. The effort leveraged Evian’s formidable brand recognition through event sponsorships with Elle Magazine and Women’s Day and lavish Evian Pop-Up Spas hosted by brand ambassadors. These associations with aspirational publications that drive our high-end cultural conversations, combined with exclusive, plush experiences strongly positioned Evian through affluent marketing experiences that appealed to cosmopolitan consumers.

The Evian Pop-Up Spas brought the exquisite and cultured lifestyle of the French Alps to New York City’s chic Fifth Avenue and the luxurious Beverly Hills area of Los Angeles. The ephemeral nature of a “pop-up” spa created an aura of exclusivity, as the experiences were short-lived, thereby limiting accessibility, which significantly increased demand. Within a week of opening, the Evian Pop-up Spas were completely booked for the entire month by eager guests, many of them celebrities and A-listers – which brought intense media coverage and PR.

In addition to limiting the time and scope of the exclusive Evian affluent marketing experience, Factory 360 also focused on staffing the pop-up stores with highly trained and attentive professionals. Each staff member was trained to conduct three distinct spa treatments using Evian water in the exclusive pop-up stores. Incorporating Evian into the spa experience created a new and enticing image of Evian that showcased its purity, clarity, and health benefits.

Affluent marketing isn’t simply about what one receives, but how one is treated. Positive memories are powerful marketing tools, and aligning the Evian brand with such exclusive and pampered spa treatment generated long-term brand awareness and loyalty. There was so much demand to attend the spa sessions at the Evian pop-up stores that guests who didn’t make the list, and walk-ins, were given complementary Evian samples and hand massages.

The Evian pop-up store affluent marketing campaign garnered more than 2 million PR impressions in local and nationwide media and generated unprecedented brand awareness for Evian.

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Affluent marketing strategies strive for differentiation in high-end markets, where desirability is defined by singular extraordinariness. Though this category of marketing is crowded with brands vying to commandeer the trajectory of the luxury market and tastemakers, true affluence is authentic. It’s personal. It’s refined.

Affluence is about the education that comes with having unlimited options. Lifestyles unfettered by economic limitations are defined by countless choices, so decisions are purely personal – from the wine one drinks at the dinner table to the watch one glances at on the street corner. It’s all about creating an identity.

Factory 360 offers proven expertise in affluent marketing, and specializes in appealing to high-end demographics through storytelling and experiences that are authentic and profound. Please contact us if you are in need of affluent marketing experts who can provide the power of exclusivity.