The Multiplier: Scaling Your Event Marketing

No, we are not messing with you.

We work with one of our clients, Boss Revolution to make this many events happen for them on a monthly basis. Over the past two years, they have gone from producing just over 300 events a month to over 1,300. It is not easy but it is totally doable. So, as our friend, let’s fill you in on some of the tactics that help make scaling successful.

Before we do this, however, we would like to give high-fives to our multi-cultural team. They work diligently to make all of this happen and many of the teammates have been working together for quite some time.

Idamil Leon, Senior Account Manager
Adriana Orpinela, Account Coordinator
Mabel Marte, Account Coordinator
Michael Velez, Account Coordinator
Yuliana Baez, Account Coordinator

… take a bow. You guys totally RULE.

We sat down with Idamil to get the skinny on how the team has managed this level of scalability. Here are the top three things her team has implemented to help:

Factory 360 works with thousands of brand ambassadors all over the country. Given the agency has been around so long, we put together a database to hold all background information on our brand ambassadors. We can easily identify what people we have working in what markets. This allows our business to be nimble in working with clients – they are not limited to one area.

But our agency does not work with just anyone; our brand ambassadors are highly trained. They understand the brand inside and out before stepping on the streets.

This means there is some studying that goes along with working on this team. The products they offer, the services they provide are all made to make calling internationally easier for consumers and, therefore, our brand ambassadors must have a wealth of knowledge in order to tackle difficult questions and any circumstance they may face during face-to-face encounters with consumers.An addition to an on-boarding training, these brand ambassadors must attend what Idamil calls “housekeeping” every month. During these calls, the team reviews the products and discusses any updates the client may have.

Each week, the team maps out where each event is and where the available brand ambassadors are. It keeps them from sending someone from New Jersey to the Bronx when someone in Queens may be available. It also helps streamline communications so everyone on the team knows who is going to be where. Smart.

Also, since there are so many of these events, many brand ambassadors working with the multi-cultural team are repeat offenders. Meaning, they work together many times through the course of one month at different activations.

How many activations have you produced in one month? Ever thought of using event marketing as a tool to get your products and services in front of consumers?

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