Q & A: What Makes an Amazing Brand Ambassador?

A: At Factory 360, all of our staff, including Brand Ambassadors, are direct hires and employees. This allows us to work with them continuously to ensure brand consistency and their complete understanding of how to orchestrate memorable experiential marketing events.

By maintaining a database that is broken down by each Brand Ambassador's qualifications, our team almost instantly knows who is the best fit for each upcoming event. Additionally, we keep track of our Brand Ambassadors' performances at previous events so we place them appropriately in the future. Each Brand Ambassador's performance at previous events is tracked and recorded so they can be placed appropriately in the future.

We want our experiential marketing events to be authentic, accessible, and of course, professional. In order to ensure this, all of our Brand Ambassadors go through intense training, and are only selected if they can demonstrate charisma, poise, and a complete grasp of experiential marketing.



Photo credit: http://exchanges.wiley.com/blog/2014/05/09/whats-your-brand-professional-branding-for-women/