Q & A: How can we Amplify our Experiential Marketing Activation through Social Media?

A: Factory 360 recently introduced FactorySnap, a proprietary photo activation platform that works off of any iOS device. Unlike traditional photo booths, which are expensive and deliver low ROI, Factory Snap, developed exclusively for Factory 360’s clients, allows the Factory 360 team to circulate throughout an event and take “photo booth-style” photos with any iOS device. After their photo is taken, consumers fill out a simple data form and receive an email with a link to their photo. Then, they can easily share the image from their mobile device to Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, or email it to themselves.

When the photo is shared, the client’s messaging appears on the photo creating a branded experience in social media (see photo example above). In addition, every shared image is linked back to a Factory Snap Facebook tab on the brand’s Facebook profile for additional amplification.

Additional benefits of Factory Snap include:

· Generates Qualified Leads: Factory Snap offers each client the ability to capture customized data to generate qualified leads, including names, email, phone number, physical address, multiple choice or open-ended questions.

· Rich Event Analytics: Factory Snap has analytics built into the back end to track the images, measure the virality, and break down analytics on each image to identify the most highly engaged consumers.

· Completely Customizable: The Factory Snap interface is completely customizable to provide the brand’s unique look and feel when consumers interface with the application.