Take a Closer Look: PayPal’s Experiential Marketing

These integrated marketing events promote a variety of new products and features including:

PayPal Here:
Entrepreneurs are tough people. At the end of the day, running a business is tough. Sure, they have to ensure that the product or service they are passionate about is held to the highest standard. However, no one else is there making sure the actual business is run effectively – that falls under their umbrella too!

In 2012 PayPal launched “PayPal Here” to streamline the payments and accounting process for merchants. This revolutionary product brought PayPal into new territory - offline! So again, the team needed help with their experiential & social efforts.

Using our brand ambassador network, Factory 360 enabled PayPal to seamlessly create hundreds of national events with a quick turn around. Factory Snap was used at these events to help engage new consumers by getting them to interact with our brand ambassadors for the opportunity to take a photo. This photo was shared through their personal social channels in order to drive the offline experience back online.

Brand Ambassador Using Factory Snap

This increased PayPal merchant awareness as well as their online following through the integration of Factory Snap into these merchant events.

Brand Ambassador Takes Photo with Factory Snap

Consumer Mobile Application:

When you really start to think about it… your wallet is not only an obstacle, it’s also a liability. We all know that gut feeling when you look down and realize – “Oh no… It’s gone.”

Emergency mode.

In addition to launching an iPad application for merchants, PayPal also introduced a mobile application for consumers [download it here]. Before we get into the specifics let us just say – this app ROCKS! It aggregates all of the merchants using PayPal into one convenient place on your phone and syncs to any debit card. Brilliant! This one application has eliminated the wallet – completely.

PayPal Experiential Marketing Activation

PayPal again asked the Factory 360 team to hit the streets and spread the word. We held events in three test markets and a small group of merchants to help the team measure consumer adoption.

Our brand ambassadors walked thousands of consumers through the application, helping them step by step through the experience. Over the course of 90 days, our team signed up thousands of new consumers.

PayPal Brand Ambassadors


PayPal Experiential Marketing Event

Over the last year, Factory 360 and PayPal produced event activations at the Telluride Film Festival, Outside Lands, and Le Web [Event Marketer coverage] in Paris. Our team worked closely with their experiential marketing department. Together we produced and staffed the events, which helped make the events a success.

Brand Ambassadors

Experiential success is a perfect blend of expertise and integrated partnership. Clients, like PayPal who understand this collaboration, are what get us excited about the work we do.

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